28 Days for $28

By Fit Body Boot Camp


Get 28 Days for Just $28 Now!

Let’s get serious about your fitness journey!

Start right now by committing to 28 days of boot camp for only $28!*

In our 28 Days for $28 special offer, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited workouts — you’ll have no limit on the number of workouts you can do
  • Nutrition coaching — we’ll show you what and how to eat to burn fat and lose weight
  • Progress tracking — we’ll take rigorous measurements at the start and end so you can see your actual progress made
  • Accountability — our coaches will ensure you are staying committed to yourself and your transformation
  • Motivation — our coaches will motivate you with positive encouragement to make you feel strong, confident, and hooked on working out
  • Community — our community of members will welcome you into our caring, amazing fitness family

Remember, all of our success stories started with one simple decision.

So, START NOW! And never, ever look back!

*This special offer is available only to those who have not worked out at our location in the past 6 months; you may redeem only one special offer per qualifying period; you may purchase additional special offers for friends, family, or others who meet the other qualifying criteria.



Here are a few real Fit Body Boot Camp members who started with a small commitment that completely changed their lives:

LOST 40 LBS & 30 IN

Fitness Before and After - Allie

“Days after joining a different gym in the area, my friend asked me, ‘Hey, do you want to try this new Fit Body Boot Camp Gym?’ At first, I was extremely hesitant. I have the cliché story of trying every diet and gym regime possible and nothing sticking. I would see amazing results, and then they would go away almost instantly. That all changed the moment I walked into my first 5 am session at Fit Body. From the workouts, atmosphere, accountability, coaches, weekly mantras, and everything in between, I knew that I was walking into a place I would love. … Since that first day, I have lost a total of 40+ pounds and 30 inches.”

Allie Hughes

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Fitness Before and After Ruth

“Every time I work out, I’m making myself not only physically stronger but also mentally stronger. I’ve learned that … I don’t have to be afraid about what may come, but rather have faith that I will end up right where I’m supposed to be.”

Ruth Kuyers

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LOST 49 LBS & 50 IN

Fitness Before and After - Brenda Brown

“I was very scared of walking in the door that I would not be about to do anything, and I would be the ‘fat girl’ that came to work out. It was a challenge but I soon realized that it was challenging for everyone, and no one cared what I could not do. The coaches are so encouraging no matter what, and you can do this. If I can do this, anyone can!”

Brenda Brown

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Fitness Before and After - Matthew

“As I reached the top of the stairs, I was out of breath. My kids begged, ‘Daddy, play with us!’ but after a minute, I was saying, ‘Kids, leave dad alone.’ When taking the kids to play in the back yard, I would ride on the lawnmower so that I did not have to walk back up the hill. … FBBC transformed my wife and me in so many ways. We both feel great; however, the thing we could never repay is the impact it has had on our family. You see, we eat healthy now, so the kids eat healthily. We are active now, so the kids are active. My daughter asks to work out with us; she wants to work out! We play, walk down and back up the hill, and go to the trampoline park, where Mom and Dad now have to pay to jump as well because the kids can’t have all the fun.”

Matthew Lampkin

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