A big reason why our members are so successful at attaining their fitness goals is our community.

Online and offline, our members are part of what we call our “Fit Family.”

We are a tight-knit group of people all united toward the common goal of bringing fitness, longevity, and happiness into our respective lives.

Our Fit Family is non-judgemental, welcoming to all, and full of positivity and encouragement.

Once you join our Fit Family, you’ll never want to leave it.



Our online community consists of private members-only groups where we share our at-home workouts, nutrition content, recipes, inspiration, words of encouragement, giveaways, and more.

There’s a group for just our local Fit Family as well as one for all Fit Body Boot Camp members nationwide.

One of the highlights of these groups is seeing other members share their transformations. It’s so incredibly inspiring and keeps you motivated to push yourself, so you can ultimately share your transformation too.

You’ll love the positivity, fun, and value of our online community.

Here are just a few recent posts from our nationwide online group:

  • “Down 12 lbs this challenge! Down 32 lbs. and size 14 to size 8 since January. Could not have done this without encouragement from Jupiter [Florida] Fit Body Boot Camp”
  • “In this challenge I lost enough inches to borrow my teenage daughters pants. I’m so happy with the results, but I’m not sure she is. Thank you Farmington Fit Body coaches!”
  • “I am sooooooo excited to start this program!!!! I’m ready to lose the weight and get stronger and more lean and toned! I work nights so I will start tomorrow afternoon”
  • “Flex Friyay workout in! That was a tough one! #fbbcstrong #fitfam #unstoppable #abs2020 #fitbodywarrior”
  • “Cindy has lost 40lbs‼️‼️since she has been with Mineola Fit Body Boot Camp. Cindy joined in February right before covid rocked our world, but she continued her journey with us and stayed dedicated to herself and a new beginning. Let’s congratulate Cindy and give her a whoop whoop. We are so proud of you, Cindy!”



Our offline community consists of the friendships and bonds our members create with their coaches and one another.

It’s made up of the:

  • Big smile and hearty welcome you get from our coaches every time you walk into our studio
  • Friendly greetings you get from your fellow fitness warriors
  • Shout-outs of encouragement you hear as you push through an exercise
  • Crazy workout parties we throw — such as a Disco Night Dance Fever workout
  • Extracurricular events we engage in — such as a weekend workout in the park
  • Local charities we support in various ways throughout the year
  • And so much more!

We are on a mission to change people’s lives.

Let us change yours!




“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller